Crop Damage Maps

Crop damages and crop health – We deliver relevant spatial information over large areas, rapidly.

Extreme weather situations, such as windstorms, extreme precipitation, or extreme drought periods, usually lead to crop damages. Pests and diseases can impair crop vitality noticeably. By utilizing the advantages of PlanetScope or RapidEye imagery and by using application case specific algorithms we map for our customers the extents and magnitude of damages at high resolution.

Crop damage maps are useful in cases of:

  • devastating windstorms
  • extreme precipitation (rain, hail)
  • mass infestations of defoliating insects
  • epidemic fungal or bacterial diseases such as Fusarium wilt, Goss’s wilt
  • severe drought stress
  • fires

The derived digital maps are relevant for:

  • farmers
    • overview and reporting of the situation
    • action planning
    • more targeted application of plant protecting agents
  • crop insurances (damage verification and estimation)

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