Chlorophyll Maps

Be more competitive. Benefit from up-to-date satellite remote sensing technologies for Precision Agriculture.

  • estimate and visualize the relative canopy chlorophyll content of crops and its within field variations
  • apply fertilizers more specifically and precisely
  • get valuable spatial information input for productivity and yield modeling
  • estimate the optimum point of harvest
RapidEye, true color
RapidEye, RedEdge band, relative chlorophyll content shown for selected fields

Our Chlorophyll Maps show the relative chlorophyll content of crops and its within field variations. This is helpful for a more precise application of fertilizers. Weekly updated time series of chlorophyll maps can be used as input for productivity and yield modeling. Moreover, the time series are helpful to determine the approximate optimum point of harvest.

Various scientific remote sensing related publications have proven the usefulness of the RedEdge spectral band for mapping relative chlorophyll content of vegetation canopies when used in the Normalised Difference RedEdge Index (NDRE). RapidEye and Sentinel 2 satellites carry multi-spectral camera systems equipped with RedEdge spectral bands (Rapideye: 5m pixel size, Sentinel 2: 20m pixel size).


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