Forest Disturbance Maps

Forest health issues? Forest damages? We can help you to better manage forest disturbances.

Forest Vitality Index 2018-04-09

Based on our unique Forest Vitality & Change Monitoring (FV&CM) service we provide you on your request with a set of analytic products (digital raster and vector maps), which can be applied to the following types of forest disturbances:

  • Mass outbreaks of defoliating insects (e.g. Gypsy moth, Pine beauty moth, Western spruce budworm, Black arches)
  • Mass outbreaks of wood and bark breeding insects (e.g. bark beetles, wood wasps, borers)
  • Epidemic diseases (e.g. different types of root rot)
  • Sustained drought periods
  • Windstorms
  • Ice-, hail- , snow storms
  • Forest fires

    Forest Vitality Index 2018-07-03, after mixed infestation by Black arches and European pine moth

Further service application cases are:

  • Mapping of clear cuts
  • Monitoring of illegal logging activities
  • Proof of forestry operations (Thinning)
  • Supporting Forest Degradation and Deforestation Monitoring for REDD+ MRV


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With time series, early detection of defoliator outbreaks is possible. This example shows a sequence of a pine saw fly outbreak.