Analysis ready multitemporal data sets

Do not waste time with data-preprocessing. We prepare analysis ready multitemporal data sets for you.

Multi-temporal satellite image data sets and dense image time series offer a realm of image analysis and information extraction possibilities. Change processes can be traced at high frequency. We prepare these data sets for you. What you get is analysis ready image stacks or, if desired, data cubes of indices such as NDVI time-series. Our service includes:

  • selection of best images from data provider
  • image co-registration
  • top of atmosphere correction (for RapidEye ond PlanetScope); for Sentinel, BOA corrected images will be used
  • radiometric normalisation of the time series components
  • index calculation, if desired (e.g. NDVI), and stacking

If you like to use our services or want to know more, just get in touch with us: contact.