Emergency and Disaster Monitoring

Enhance your actionability in emergency and disaster situations.

With our satellite-aided disaster monitoring service we assist relevant institutions and organizations in situations of catastrophic events, such as:

  • flooding
  • windstorms
  • wild fires
  • landslides
  • oil spills
  • pollution of water bodies due to chemical plant accidents or accidents in mining areas

The delivered analytic maps are a vital input for:

  • reporting
  • disaster management planning

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Example: Hurricane of Passau (Germany), 18th August 2017

YouTube Video: here

18th of August 2017, a hurricane swept through the landscape around the German city Passau leaving behind a trace of devastation in the sourrounding forests. Since the PlanetScope satellites image the globe’s land masses every day, the probability of having cloudfree images from shortly before and shortly after a hurricane available for impact analysis is high. In this case, damage mapping results were available within five days after the hurricane.

PlanetScope, 2018-08-14
PlanetScope, 2018-08-23
hurricane impact analysis, forest damage areas











“Precise and up-to-date information on damages and needs is of the essence as a way to plan and conduct response and rehabilitation efforts in areas affected by disasters. The use of maps is equally useful as a way to enhance situational awareness regarding the extent to the event and the areas affected, as well as other relevant data including the geographic location of lifelines damaged or destroyed and roads which can still be used to deliver humanitarian assistance.” (UN-SPIDER).